Monday, April 13, 2015

Maru Korean BBQ Restaurant, Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

Maru in Elizabeth St has just recently became the largest Korean restaurant in Brisbane, having now not only the upper floor but also ground floor. Having went there before renovations began, we wanted a simple light lunch that wasn't too heavy for the both of us and I thought it's been awhile since I visited Maru..

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Habitat Restaurant & Bar, West End, Brisbane

Habitat Restaurant and Bar was one restaurant I've wanted to try for quite some time now but didn't have the chance, well, we finally did. The third venture of rugby legend Scott Higginbotham and his business partner, Malcolm Watts after Moose and Gibson in Woolloongabba and Leaf Espresso Bar in Tarraggindi. A much classier venue and relaxing than the other two I may say, maybe my most liked in regards to its design, what you may call it as to be sophisticated.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chocolateria San Churro, South Brisbane, Brisbane

Chocolateria San Churro is the perfect place to go if you love chocolate, rich cakes, bite sized chocolates and yes, churros. Although their coffee may not be the greatest, it does seem to be inconsistent during every of my revisits. It was quite empty when we came in but it soon became quite busy as people started to walk by and stop, trying to find seats would seem more of a wait than usual. I think South Bank really need to open up more desserts and coffee places for people to dine at and have more choices in going where despite the wait and all, but at least, choices are always good.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rogue Bar and Bistro, Newstead, Brisbane

An unusual spot to open up a restaurant in Newstead, but I guess, those unusual spots might be the thing that a restaurant needs to be able to bring in the diners. Rogue Bar and Bistro offers a wide range of dishes and is open for all three meals in a day. With its high top house exterior, minimal design, open kitchen, casual sofa dining, a bar area, a restaurant seating area, a mixture of what I may say caters for everyone.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scuzi Caffe, Westfield Chermside, Brisbane

Now, on a chilly afternoon, who would say no to a nice warm coffee and cake? No one right? Exactly, that's how we felt too.. Well, maybe I had a change of mind half way when reading the menu. Scuzi Caffe in the new area of Westfield Chermside do offer a wide variety of meals from breakfast up to dinner, but since we've already eaten, and we were quite tired of walking around, this was where we ended up..

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fat Noodle, Treasury Casino, Brisbane CBD

It's not that I fancy this restaurant so much until I keep revisiting it, but sometimes, it is rather quite a convenient place to dine, the environment and the ambience as well. It wasn't that busy during lunch time so it was rather nice to dine at a more peaceful and not so noisy environment. If you like your Asian hawker style food, then give here a try since you may just find what you're missing on from back home or from your previous travels. The food ranges from Vietnamese cuisine to chinese, Indonesian to Thai and so on. The place is quite spacious with seatings available inside and out, bar seatings as well, oh and did I mention private function rooms too? It's nice to see restaurants that can cater for various needs and likes.
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